Friday, April 24, 2009

Ever feel like the wart on the body of Christ?

I do, but I have learned that I need to pray the word of God over my life everyday, I need to decree it over my life everyday and pray in tongues fervently…everyday. When I don't "feel any emotions" its hard to pray this way, because there's no motivation for it…so I need to CHOOSE by faith to pray anyway. To live and pray out of the spirit and remind myself that I am the head and not the tail, that I am above and not beneath…that I am more then a conquer through Christ. Then I will be seated in the heavenly places with Christ. I have been given the authority in Jesus and I have the prayer power to release heavens glory into the earth, into my finances and into my home and family, to release the power of salvation into my lost and unsaved family and friends, to release the power of healing into the sick and the power of freedom into those who are tormented… This is living in the truth that is in the spirit.

- Words of wisdom I gleaned from Third Heaven Intercession by Patricia King

Monday, April 6, 2009

The flies in our lives

My three old little girl woke me up at 4:30 am, screaming as she came running into our room "There's a bee in my room and it's getting me...!" This woke me up real fast, I grabbed her pulling her into the bathroom to turn the light on, so I could see her, searching for a bee, a sting mark, anything. I couldn't see anything so I asked her where did the bee get you? She answered "In my room." OK, so no bee on her and no sting, so we headed to her room, I was a little calmer now, but still not sure what to expect, there could be a bee or several bees and to be honest, I don't like bees, not any bee or wasp I don't like them. As I entered her room the light was already on so I could see clearly, but no sign of any bee... Then Zoom, I was side swiped, it was a "fly by"...I quickly ducked to avoid contact and was able to focus on the attacker. It was not a bee, but a fly. One of those big ones that are real loud, sounds like a jet plane flying by at top speed or like being at the race track... Now I should have been set at ease and I was, but it was also 4:30 am so I was also a little bit frustrated. Until I looked down into the face of my little girl, looking up at me with real terror in her face, to her this fly was a bee and it was out to get her, but daddy was here now to rescue her, at this point all I wanted to do was smash that fly, but he was too quick and I didn't want to end up looking like a Donald Duck cartoon smashing everything in the room to kill one little fly! So instead I tucked her back in her bed and I got all theological on her, trying to explain how much God loves her and will always protect her, asking her if she trust me and believes me. She had this blank look on her face and kept pointing out that the bee...or fly was still here and still after her. I did give that fly something to think about, I flapped a book around the room wildly in the air as he kept swooping at me, just hoping for a lucky shot. At one point it seemed to work, he flew away, but of course after I left her to crawl back into my bed, with the assurance that all was going to be ok, she was back at my bedside to tell me that the bee was back to her room and back to my speech, that was when she interrupted me with the most innocent look on her face and a smile, pointing to at her closet, she saw the four little angel plaques over her closet door and said "see my angels are protecting me!" Don't know what I was thinking, she just needed to SEE with her own eyes, not all the talk. Guess we all get like that at times. Afraid of the flies in our lives (hey that rhymes?) just wanting to see that His angels are watching over us. Thanks Jamie and thanks God for the reminder. O1O.

My family

My family